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Change your life with horses as your guide and me as the interpreter... 

For most of us the chatter in our heads is constant but just below lies a stillness and an inner knowing of our true nature. All one has to do is tap into this silent place, turn off the monkey mind and life begins to flow with GRACE.

Sound familiar? Easier said than done, right? If it were that easy we’d all be walking around as enlightened beings in a constant state of JOY and BLISS.

So how does one begin to turn off the monkey mind, listen to his or her HEART and GUT (otherwise known as intuition), and find moments of bliss?

One answer, see yourself reflected through the eyes of a horse. Horses are a perfect partner for this work. Why?

  • First, you have to be PRESENT (monkey mind off) because if you aren’t, nothing will happen or something you don’t want to have happen will happen. (Perfect metaphor for life, right?)

  • Second, horses are highly intuitive creatures that sense what is really going on with you and will react accordingly. (They don’t have the social masks we humans do.) This will illuminate deeply rooted beliefs that might not be serving you anymore. That’s where I step in as your coach to help you dismantle these old patterns and begin to gather evidence of NEW TRUTHS. What is truly magical is each horse responds to you in a way that will bring out what is unique to you and only you. Hard to believe? I’ve seen it and experienced it. The clearer I got, the clearer the feed back I received from the horse.

  • Third, this is “in the bones” coaching. You will experience what it’s like to communicate with focused, intention driven energy, and how powerful you are without words. With this comes along a deeper sense of self, purpose and interconnectedness. You will realize you are a true source of power and will be less inclined to get entangled in other people’s stuff. You will become conscious of how to feel, connect, and ALLOW.

Working with horses along with being coached, your newly found moments of BLISS will begin to lengthen. Then they will connect and before you know it, you will be back to your natural state of being --blissful, and your upsets will be those rare moments.

You will find peace within the silence.


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