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the wild woman's guide to finding love without losing her soul

I wrote this book when I thought I had found my soul-mate.  I was deeply in love. But by the end of writing it, I had moved half way across the country to start over.  Why? Because I'm wild at heart and committed to my Divine Self than fitting into an illusion of what happiness is suppose to look like.  Good Enough was written for all you wild women cutting your feet trying to fit into the glass slipper


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Waking up in a panic? Embrace your anxiety and take this advice

March 05, 2018

Anxiety at its core is fear of the unknown and fear of losing your life, whether it be physical life or ego-driven.

Codependency decoded: how to remedy a lack of self-worth

February 12, 2018

A healthy relationship starts without codependence when we share our true selves with another person.

You’ve met someone. You’re falling in love or perhaps you’ve fallen in love. You decide to commit to one another and, if you are doing it consciously, then the inevitable uncomfortable conversation about money is fast approaching.

On the path of mindfulness, sitting with shame can be one of the most difficult things to do. But once you are able to sit with the uncomfortable feeling and not run away from it, you are getting closer to the gold of the true self – the authentic you.

Is the illusion of a magical holiday season becoming a thing of the past?

Have we now entered a phase of our psychological development where we are able to see past the false reality of perfectly styled commercials with the intentional mix of hipsters, millennials, intellectuals, and race to make us feel a certain way?

The other day I was walking through the infant section of Target when I noticed that most of the clothing had some sort of affirmation on it, “Be thankful.” “Be Kind.” “Smart like mom.” “Be brave.” “Brave and Strong (like mom).” “History Maker.” I thought to myself, what has the world come to? (In not so many words.)

Is the desire to be ‘happy’ making us miserable?

Social media has so much to offer - but just like everything else in life, there needs to be a balance...

You've landed your dream job, great pay, higher title, private office, and an assistant.  You've finally "arrived" or so you think until your new boss's other side comes out...

Self-care can be as much of a mystery as Bigfoot, Stonehenge, or the Loch Ness Monster. It is illusive at best.  When one thinks of self-care, the following may come to mind:...

To live fearless sounds awesome.  In fact, just saying the words I can feel a rush of empowerment run through me. I can do anything!!!! I got this! Just do it! Charge!!!! But then my next thought crashes...

Life is short, be true to yourself, and find the love you deserve.

How to stop that argument you were about to have before it happens

The power of the pause can change your life.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a group of people and suddenly crying, but they are not your tears.  You might be asking, "Then whose tears are they?" What if I told you they are the tears of someone else...

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