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About Me

My Journey

My Journey

There is no self-help book, pod-cast, weekend seminar or magic pill that can get you across your own deeply personal and intimate thresholds of fear. It takes grit and someone you trust to guide you and love you in all the messy glory of life. 


In 2011 at the age of 41, as a single mother, I took a giant leap of faith and left my reliable film industry job in Los Angeles, moved to Austin, Texas and became a certified Life Coach. It was such a frightening experience that I watched every documentary I could on climbing Mt. Everest.  I even read memoirs on the topic to help me feel less afraid about what I was doing. 

Now, 6 years later, I'm so glad I had the guts to do it.  The challenges of being an entrepreneur forced me to grow and expand in ways I didn't think were possible.  I've created a successful business assisting clients in creating better relationships with their True Selves, which allows them to take greater risks and live from a more authentic place.  I call it radical consciousness.  

I have been a seeker my entire live.  I have worked with hundreds of clients privately and in groups, including international retreats.  I've watched clients, including myself, get stuck in repeating patterns.


Patterns that seem impossible to break because the creator of the pattern, your subconscious is working from a deep and illusive place.   I champion powerful change through intimate connected committed work and relationship.  


There was a time when I believed control was safety.  In fact, I lived the majority of my life feeling trapped.  Now I've handed my limiting beliefs over to a greater source, riding the universal wave.  I couldn't have done this without years of study with amazing teachers and coaches, hundreds of horses, and Cole, my son. 

My coaching style is not for the faint of heart.  It is for people who want to dig deep and see those buried parts of themselves that are actually running the show.  Denial is the enemy.  I will hold you with love and light but you will do the heaving lifting. 

My Work

My Work

  • University of Washington BA, School of Drama

  • University of Washington Extension, Film Production

  • UCLA Extension, Screenwriting Certification

  • Center for Yoga, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Centers Teacher Training with Aadil Palkhivala

  • Traditional Therapy, three months on Lexapro, committed to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts without medication through meditation, yoga, healing modalities. 

  • Spiritual Mentorship with Marla Frees (11 years, learned to hear Spirit, God, Universe , Source)

  • Freedom Course, The Calling x2, weekly group Coaching with Breck Costin

  • Matrix Energetics, Level 1, 2, & 3, based in Quantum Physics it's beyond powerful healing work, intuition on point. 

  • Coach Training Alliance, Life Coaching Certification

  • Equus Coaching Certification with Koelle Simpson

  • Facilitator of Weekly Coaching Circle, 4 years running

  • Creator of The Intensives

  • Int'l Retreat in Costa Rica, 4 years running

  • Mystic Cowgirl Camp  in Malibu and Costa Rica

  • Pegasus Equine Assisted Counseling, Level 1 

  • YogaWorks 200 hour Yoga Teacher Bridge Training 

  • Good Enough, The Wild Woman's Guide to Finding Love Without Losing Her Soul, author

My passion is consciousness.   With consciousness life unfolds more easily and with you in charge.  Let me help you become the captain of your ship. 

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