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“Stacey entered my life for a reason. I was in a phase of believing that I had worked on myself in so many ways that I had reached a plateau. Working with Stacey has really opened my mind and heart to not only the current obstacles that come up but also digging to the deepest places to see where the programming began in the first place. It’s a daily check-in of discovering my patterns and how to slowly shift them so I can live the healthiest life possible. Sometimes I feel like I’m swinging on a pendulum but I know that being truly conscious through it all, the swinging will slow down. I want to be the healthiest I can be so I can recognize and invite healthy people into my life. Stacey has been a strong but tender hand along the way. I’m so very thankful for her. “

-Jennifer Christopher, Actress

“I’ve experienced immediate positive changes in my life since joining Circle six months ago.  It’s helped to shift my communication, clarify personal and career milestones and given me the tools to keep delving deeply into my own life.  Stacey is genuine, honest, funny as hell, and truly a gem.  She holds space in her heart for her clients, which is the most beautiful gift.  I’m so grateful to be a part of Circle and to grow and learn from everyone’s journey.  I look forward to our group every week, even when I know my work will be challenging.”  - Angela Correa, Singer & Musician

“Being in Stacey's Coaching Circle for the past 11 months has helped me become much more calm & grounded in my daily life.  Stacey's down to earth, no bull**** approach really appeals to me. I find her to be a loving & honest guide. She has created a supportive, nurturing  atmosphere and is also tough & doesn't let you off the hook. I can relate to Stacey, she is very real & human (low on ego, high on supporting transformation)  where in the past I have tried this sort of thing & not really connected to the facilitator which has kept me from going deep & reaping the benefits & sticking with it. She also has a great sense of humor, which goes a long way in untangling life's knots. I love you Stacey!! “ - Erica Clum, Earthling Jewelry


"Where there is love there is life"

-Mahatma Gandhi

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