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See Yourself through the Eyes of a Horse

These one of a kind workshops are limited to 8 people. 

Everyone gets individual time with a horse and Stacey for intuitive coaching.

No previous horse experience is required.  All exercises and interactions with the horse are on the ground.  There will be no riding during the session. 

Boundaries 101                                                    Sunday | May 22, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125       

Boundaries let people know the real you.  In this workshop you will learn to say no without guilt, experience what its like to set a strong boundary, disentangle from other’s reactions to your boundary, let go of the need to be liked, and be fearless of being abandoned.  


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Intuition - Hone it and Own it                         Sunday | June 26, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125


Intuition allows you to bypass certain life lessons that ego often drives you towards. In this workshop you will begin to get a feel for how intuition comes through you. You will learn that more heart and gut and less psychology are key to honing your intuition. 



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Empathy = Super Power                                    Sunday | July 31, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125


Empaths are often seen as weak and easily manipulated, not anymore.  In this workshop you will learn to stand in your own power, stay in your body when it’s buzzing with someone else’s energy, know what’s yours and what’s their’s, shift the energy around you, and embrace your gift. 

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Money Woes to Money Flows                    Sunday | August 28, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125


Money is energy.  The more you are able to free yourself up around it, the more money will come your way.  In this cutting edge workshop you will learn techniques to do just this, break old familial patterns around money, open up to receiving, and create a new relationship with money. 

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Vision - The Invisible Thread              Sunday | September 25, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125


Vision is a direct line to Universal energy.  In this fun and innovative workshop you will see how creating a vision (this is not vision board stuff) creates magic in your world and leads you to your dreams coming true.  Without vision and action, nothing happens.  

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Courage - On the other side of Fear is Everything

Sunday | October 23, 2016 | 10am-1pm | $125


Without fear, there is no need for courage. This one of a kind workshop takes you beyond that ridiculous quote “be fearless.” You will learn to befriend fear and have courage. Everyone has fear. The secret is to step into it and get to the other side. 

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LAEC Boarders may bring their own horse to use for their time in the round pen and pay $105. Just email me at to let me know which workshop you'd like to attend.  




Sign up for three workshops and pay $300, just email me at and let me know which three you wish to attend and if you are a LAEC boarder, bringing your own horse.




Los Angeles Equestrian Center

480 W. Riverside Dr. 

Bubank, CA

The Vet Center


You will receive a personal email from me with further instructions, once you have paid for your workshop. 

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