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Intensive I

for radical healing

During Intensive I, we get clarity on our Image/Ego/False Self versus our True Self.

We venture into the past to stand more firmly in our present. We take an honest look at what keeps us from feeling connected, fulfilled, and achieving our dreams.  You will begin to see what subconscious patterns are running your life. 

The Details

Everyone receives The Intensive workbook and together, we do a series of 12 exercises created to generate greater consciousness. The exercises build on one another taking us through the labyrinth of our Image to our True Self.  It is here we find freedom. 


My intuition works as a beacon along the way.


The journey begins Friday night at 7:30pm-9:30pm. We then continue Saturday at 9am-6pm. Sunday is 9am-7pm. 


All days must be attended.


I provide hot homemade lunches and plenty of snacks. Everything is created with love and consciousness. 


The weekend is about love, truth and being real.


This one of a kind event is limited to 4 people and is held at my bungalow in the Korea Town area of Los Angeles.  Once you have reserved your spot, I will provide you with the address. 

Intensive I

for radical healing

November 3-5, 2017

Los Angeles


Intensive I

for radical healing

January 12-14, 2018

Los Angeles


Photo courtesy of Clara te Velthuis-Vrielink

Shelley, Filmmaker

This is the real deal! Even though I've done a lot of self-exploration and had a lot of growth, Intensive I was able to take me deeper and built upon everything I'd done before. Loved it!

Michelle, Actress

Stacey has inspired me to take charge of my life. I never thought of myself as a victim, until it was made clear to me that my fears, wounds, and other core issues were preventing me from living a true, authentic life.  I am a victim of my own beliefs. An now they are changing, thanks to Stacey's loving guidance and supportive framework.  I look forward to having the relationship with myself I've always wanted and more importantly, needed, I look forward to being who I really am. 

Jen, Entrepeneur

Intensive I was as amazing as it was tough. If  you want to stop walking through life confused and wondering why you are the way you are or why things happen the way they do - do the Intensive. From it you will glean great clarity and awareness. You will feel as though you have awaken.

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